Live Shakespeare's storm in a unique immersive experience in Romania


Join an immersive VR journey into the spectacular world that Prospero brings to life. This journey invites you to explore a realm where the lines between magic, nature and technology blur, offering a unique insight into Shakespeare's last masterpiece.

The immersive cube - a 3D scenographic experiment in virtual space, in which the Shakespearean universe from the play "The Tempest" is entirely generated by technologies of the next century

Supported by NEPI Rockcastle and hosted by Promenada Mall, Shakespeare Dimensions is a virtual reality experience that, through the use of cutting-edge video production and projection technologies, combines theatrical performance and artificial intelligence in a creative exercise that transcends the physical limits of what could be perceived and understood on a conventional theater stage. A unique, singular experience of each viewer with technology, a bridge to the past, through the lens of the future, demonstrating the timelessness of Shakespeare's story.


The story of Shakespeare Dimensions started from the first scene of the play The Tempest. Here the character Prospero is presented as an experienced sorcerer who is aided by a spirit named Ariel. In my vision, Prospero is an IT engineer from a not-too-distant future, and Ariel is a technological assistant similar to Siri, Alexa, or Google. The storm presented by Shakespeare in the first scene of the play is no longer an illusion created by Prospero with the help of witchcraft, but an immersion in a virtual reality, created with the help of cutting-edge technology. Using these arguments we bring before our audience Shakespeare Dimensions - Episode one. In this sense we have built an immersive cube, which uses the latest innovations in virtual reality, with the help of which we will bring the audience the opportunity to physically live the experience that the characters Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Ferdinand and Gonzalo live at the beginning of the play . So the audience becomes an active observer, an actor in a live version of the first scene of Shakespeare's The Tempest. In just a few minutes of the experience, our audience will create a perspective on one of Shakespeare's dimensions, that of the fantastic.
Vlad Dragulescu
concept creator
Where to find Shakespeare Dimensions / Where to find Shakespeare Dimensions / Where to find Shakespeare Dimensions /
MAY 10-12, 2024
Promenada Mall

Every day between 10:00 - 20:00

MAY 16-26, 2024
Promenada Mall

Every day between 10:00 - 20:00

JULY 26 - AUGUST 4, 2024
Accesul este gratuit, în serii de câte maximum 3 spectatori.
The duration of the personal immersive experience is 5 minutes.
 Upon entering Shakespeare Dimensions the reception team will brief spectators for a full experience. The public will also be warned about the possibility of feeling dizzy.

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